Bodo Sperlein. Loewes Creative Director.

A clear-sighted visionary, the German national works with his team at the epicentre of ideas - London's South Bank.

Thinking laterally. Outside the box.

‘How can I make a black flat screen look sexy? How can I make a TV look completely different from others?’

Bodo Sperlein

From art to music, philosophy to food, fashion, literature and theatre – stone, ceramic, silver or wood.. This lateral thinker who studied at London’s famous Camberwell College of Arts has a penchant for traditional materials and techniques, which he catapults into the 21st century with a surprising twist.

Bodo Sperlein draws on German depth and British lightness to fuse glamour with minimalism, craftwork with high-tech and sophistication with simplicity. The result is products infused with soul and poetry. In his role as strategic consultant, the multiple award-winning product designer works with brands including Dior, Mulberry and Swarovski. He has been Loewe’s Creative Director since 2016.

‘If you want to design a cup, go out into the forest instead of looking at other cups. Gather your information from unexpected sources - this was the philosophy instilled in us by our professors at London's Camberwell College of Art.’

Bodo Sperlein

Design philosophy

An impressively different take on television.

The Loewe bild 9 – Bodo Sperlein’s latest design is an exciting fusion of craftwork and high-tech, opulence and understatement. Inspired by the Golden Twenties, dandies and art deco, he has created a television that radiates an almost sculptural presence and lightness. A stylish exterior concealing state-of-the-art OLED technology.