bild 5 oled. Photo shoot.

Munich. Barcelona. Then from there on to Girona by train. We took photos of bild 5 oled in a 16th century palazzo in the old quarter.

Light, shade, stone, nature and silence

“One's Heimat is not merely a matter of geography; it is where one's heart lies.”

Jenna Blum, from: Those Who Save us

Cosy, warm, sensual... welcome home.

Our location: Alemanys… a 16th century building that the Spanish architect Anna Noguera Nieto converted for nearly seven years for herself and her family and that she now lets out as a holiday home or for photo shoots.

“Having a minimalist attitude helps remarking the austerity of past time.”

Anna Noguera Nieto, architect

Anna, what’s the most fascinating aspect of integrating old and new?

It’s always challenging to develop a project where old and contemporary come together. I think it’s extremely exciting when you use modern design elements to showcase old constructions. And to give a framework to modern concepts, which we want to incorporate into the old building, with old structures.

How did you manage to keep the atmosphere, the ‘spirit’ of the 16th century alive in this house?

A minimalist approach helped keep the simplicity of the old walls during the refurbishment. My concept was a kind of dialogue between old and new. And I only used a few materials – stone, wood, steel and concrete.

What is the easiest way to spread warmth, cosiness, this special cosy ‘welcome home’ atmosphere?

Light is essential. Light creates volume, gives structure to materials and a fascinating lightness to rooms.

What is so fascinating about these old, archaic materials that you prefer working with, i.e. stone, wood and steel?

These original, elementary materials catapult us back to our origins – even when modern techniques are used to process them.

Any tips, a restaurant in Girona and Barcelona?

I love the ‘Mononcle’ in Girona, I often go to ‘La Balsa’ in Barcelona…


Alemanys/Architecture/Photographer: Enric Duch,