bild 5 oled. An exciting mix.

Warm minimalism. High-tech with soul – and a touch of cosiness. Sensual and surprisingly adaptable.

Welcome. Home.

Grained oak with a great finish. Craftsmanship and high-tech form a striking contrast. Inside: the best that television technology has to offer at the moment. Outside: an exciting material mix. Wood, brushed aluminium, an ultra-flat 4.9 mm futuristic OLED screen…

"We are one of the first television manufacturers to start using wood again.”

Bodo Sperlein, Loewe’s Creative Director

Bodo Sperlein’s design approach:

Bodo… venerable oak, to a futuristic ultra-flat 4.9 mm Oled screen – a surprising combination…

It adds an individual touch to the television. It’s a proper character piece. I like stylistic clashes, traditional materials combined with high-tech.

The high art of successful stylistic clashes?

These black screens are getting thinner and thinner. And soon their understated appearance will make them all look the same. I love working with materials such as wood, stone and silver. And you can achieve really exciting contrasts when you combine them with high-tech.

Television, the campfire of the 21st century?

Definitely. I want people to sit together again. It shouldn’t just be an anonymous flat screen hanging on the wall, but instead a piece of furniture standing in the room that radiates a feeling of ‘welcome home’, warmth and cosiness.

bild 5 oled allows you to mix and match different modules. How does that work?

It’s a lot of fun. You can create your very own model. With the floor stand made from handcrafted grained oak, in a natural shade or in black. Or with the understated table stand made from brushed aluminium. Then there’s the klang 5 80 watt soundbar. And you can also connect speakers from the Loewe sound system. bild 5 is extremely adaptable…


Photos: Michael Donath, Berlin.